Effects of Sound and Vibration

Health is how we vibrate with the rhythm of life

Sound Waves and Vibration

Every living thing is in vibration. If this vibration is harmonious, in tune with its environment, well-being, health and happiness are a natural state of being.

To get back in tune tuning forks are a wonderful tool. Their natural vibration spreads in the body like waves on a lake and relaxes on a very deep level. 

Transmitted by listening, sound waves influence balance, posture and movements, as well as speech areas in the brain, voice, and concentration.

Transmitted by skin and bones, sound waves influence metabolism, nutrient supply, blood circulation and skin resistance.

Every water molecule in the body transmits this vibration and cells are stimulated.

Following vibro-acoustic stimulation of the nerve strands in the spinal cort and activation of special areas in the brain, emotions can be regulated and calmed.

An overall feeling of harmony, connection, contentedness and happiness are the natural result of any Sanphonie-Gold treatment with tuning forks.

Effects of Gemstones

Sanphonie-Gold tuning fork spa treatments combine the benefits of tuning forks with the knowledge of crystal healing, the harmonious healing powers of gemstones.

Sanphonie-Gold sound treatments are thus much more then "only" sound healing treatments using tuning forks, but are potentiated by the healing effects of gemstones.

Sanphonie-Gold Tuning Fork Spa Treatments

Sanphonie-Gold tuning fork treatments open an entrance to a paradise like oasis and make you forget your daily life.

Vibrations flow into the body gently, but intensely  and thus generate fresh energy.

The circuit of energy is stimulated, even in the smallest cells and the body is supported while cleansing and regenerating.

The effects are vitalization and rejuvenation.

Sanphonie-Gold cosmetic and spa treatments release tension, with the result of enhanced motivation and creative energy.

Relaxation supports harmonious unity of all body parts. Harmonious sounds and vibrations promote stabilization and straightening of the spine.

In the meditative state of deep relaxation and complete harmony, contact to the source can be made. Thus the desired feeling of inter-connection can be experienced, and a sense of basic trust can be restored.

Harmonious properties of natural sound waves and vibrations gain greater scientific recognition and enhanced areas of application.