Sanphonie-Gold Cosmetics Training

Our face is the mirror of our soul

"Let me look as great as I feel!"

Sanphonie-Gold cosmetics training

In this Sanphonie-Gold training we offer 7 different cosmetic treatments. 
Beside detox, skin cleansing and skin care we also teach treatments for rejuvenation, hydrolifting, firming, relaxation and overall well-being. As bonus we offer an after sun treatment.

The average duration of Sanphonie-Gold cosmetic treatments is between 15 and 45 minutes.
Our treatments fit seamlessly into your cosmetics offerings.

Sanphonie-Gold cosmetic treatments

Tuning fork vibrations help to bring cosmetics' active ingredients to much deeper skin levels and enhance their efficacy.

Gentle and deep vibrations lead to relaxation, rejuvenation, cell renewal, fresh and energetic looks.

The outcome is a bright smile and incomparable pleasure.